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Team of industry-leading mobile entertainment creators.


8,8 mln

20 games published

5 mln
active users

Who We Are

Gimica was founded in 2021 by a team of seasoned professionals in Berlin. We have a strong passion for creating and publishing casual games designed to be enjoyable and easy to play for a wide audience.

We believe that our casual games provide entertainment and enjoyment to people from all walks of life and we are excited to showcase our upcoming projects to the world.

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We believe that by focusing on creating the best casual games, we can establish ourselves as a leading player in the industry and earn the loyalty of a wide audience of players.

Our Values


We’re not holding back, trying out all our crazy ideas.


We stay true to our values, our team and our players. Always.


We’re a diverse team of individuals united by joy of playing.

Our Team

Our Story

August, 2021

Founded &  launched on Google Play

October, 2021

Our first game Treasure Master was launched

December, 2021

We reached 1MM users

December, 2021

Over 10 games, in #10 charts

December, 2021

Our games are accessible in over 15 countries with over 8mm users

December, 2021

Launch on IOS

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